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Installing or Replacing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Electricians in Port Douglas

Ceiling fans are a necessity in Far North Queensland, providing an efficient and cost effective method of cooling as well as creating that all important air movement that helps to reduce mould build up in the wet season. Many people prefer ceiling fans to air conditioning, particularly in bedrooms, and they are widely used outdoors on verandahs and balconies.

While good quality ceiling fans will last you for many years, they all eventually wear out and fail, or become noisy during operation. The external surfaces of fans can also deteriorate over time in the moist coastal conditions we have here. A build up of dust and dirt, peeling paint or rust can all be unsightly. Ceiling fans do need to be replaced from time to time.

Like all electrical work, replacing ceiling fans is something that should be left to a qualified electrician. It’s always dangerous to work with electrical circuits and incorrect wiring can damage the fans and potentially other parts of your electrical infrastructure. It can also be quite difficult to physically remove the old fans and install the new ones.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about replacing your ceiling fans:

  • Construction material: Ceiling fans are typically made out of metal (aluminium or stainless steel), wood or plastic. The air flow (cooling) produced by each material is very similar however plastic and wooden fans are lighter than metal fans and won’t rust. They are also thought to be quieter than metal fans although this will vary with individual fan designs. Metal fans have the advantage of strength.
  • Design: The design of ceiling fans can certainly effect their ability to move air and therefore provide cooling. The number of blades (three or four) and the blade angle (sharper or flatter) will effect air movement. However the differences in efficiency are marginal in most situations. If in doubt pick the design that you find the most aesthetically pleasing.
  • Remote controls: Remote controlled ceiling fans can seem like a good idea however there are a couple of gotcha’s. Firstly money. They are not cheap to purchase, adding 30% or more to the price of the fan, and they take time to fit so your installation price will increase. In addition to the remote control unit there is an electronic box that has to be installed into the fan motor housing meaning there are two additional items for each fan that will eventually need to be replaced. Secondly, remotes move around and can be lost. A ceiling fan wired for a remote doesn’t have a wall controller (just an on/off switch) so if you lose the remote you can’t use the fan and many people just like the simplicity of a wall controller. The upside for fan remotes is in the bedroom where you will inevitably need to change the fan speed at least once after getting into bed. Just remember to keep the remote within reach.
  • Lights: Installing a ceiling fan with an inbuilt light means both the fan and the light can sit in the middle of the ceiling instead of one of them having to sit askew at one side. It is largely an aesthetic question as to whether you use ceiling fans with lights.

We can recommend and supply ceiling fans for your specific circumstances. Call us for our advice.

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