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Appliance Repairs

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We couldn’t enjoy the quality of life we have in Far North Queensland without the electrical appliances that power our homes and businesses. Refridgerators, ovens, washing machines and other electrical devices occasionally fail because of electrical problems either in the application itself, or in the electrical infrastructure of the building. The heat and humidity in our tropical environment certainly adds to faults in our electrical appliances.

It’s critical to isolate the cause of the electrical problem, but even more important to understand what’s required to fix the problem regardless of whether the fault is to do with the appliance or the electrical systems of the premises. This requires the right tools and, most importantly, the right experience.

NOTE: Attempting to repair electrical appliances yourself can be extremely dangerous and can end up costing more than engaging a professional. Remember, appliances can hold an electrical charge even after being switched off.

Save time, money and even your health by engaging an experienced electrician to repair your appliance. Most of our appliance repairs are completed on the first visit, so get us on site and get your quality of life back.

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